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Craig Johnson D.D.S.

West Linn, Oregon • PORTLAND, Oregon


General Information

Your comfort is our concern

Let’s face it... root canals have a bad reputation.  At our office, patients are assure that comfort will be a high priority and commitment, both during treatment and in post-treatment care.  State-of-the-art technology and precise endodontic treatment will ensure optimal results. Digital radiography utilizes 90% less radiation than traditional approaches

Our goal is helping you keep your natural teeth

Upon completing his dental training, Dr. Johnson continues his education and became an endodontic specialist because of his strong belief that all patients should be able to keep their natural teeth. Dr. Johnson Performs detailed endodontic evaluations to accurately diagnose issues and select the optimal treatments.

With Dr. Johnson’s conservative approach to dentistry, treatments with questionable prognosis are avoided, and costs are minimized. Patients are fully informed on diagnosis, prognosis and related expenses, so that good treatment decisions can be made.